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Labels: Walmart. Please don't judge me it was for TV lmaooo pleading the 5th!!!! It makes it seem like they have other people doing promotions for their events at the bar. Most of the events advertise bottle service and hookahs, so apparently they have hookahs at the bar. In that, you will see recent pictures of the bartenders still up to their dancing ways.

Ele Lounge is having a watch party tonight at the bar, and the Instagram pages of some of the employees from the show are mentioned in the comments. They also seem happy with the makeover. Link Isabella, who was fired on the show, was back working at Ele shortly after the episode.

Here she is with a new Ele Lounge uniform on. Conclusion: This one was tough to get information on as there were no reviews, and the bar doesn't have any online presence besides an Instagram page. The bar has somewhat kept the name, and they seem to use both Ele Lounge and Ele Nightclub. They also seem to be happy with the makeover.

The bartenders still seem to be dancing for more tips while working and Isabella was re-hired. Also, I doubt Jon Taffer would recommend the names that each of their weekly events have. The bar is co-owned by Albert and Matt, and Albert is too concerned with his fantasy football team to pay attention to his bar.

The bar was thriving but the local government made some changes in that impacted the bar. The bar quickly changed the name back to Sandbar Grill and also put back up some old decorations. Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates for Sandbar Grill since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar: Positive Reviews: "The food was very good and seemed a little less expensive than some other swankier looking places not far away.

Great service and it seemed to have a local following which is always a good sign. Some of the best fish tacos in Miami, cold beer and huge TVs -- great place to catch a game! Including the oversized wooden lifeguard seat. Even the speakers with decades of dust on them are still hanging in the same spot, and sadly, the restrooms which really did need attention, never got any love" "Love it.

Best bar in cocowalk. Drinks were strong and reasonably priced.

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Staff was amazing and on point. Stopped by today after not being here for a couple years. Wow has it dropped off.

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Drinks, food, service, everything was subpar. How can a TV show come in and give it a makeover but leave the broken doors and sticky floors the same? I won't get over this for awhile. Unfortunately, thanks to BarRescue, that place full of fun memories is gone. The decor has been replaced with a poor imitation of an upscale bar which is not reflective of the area surrounding it..

I wasn't impressed with the renovation or changes to the menu. Here is one and the other.

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The Sandbar Grill appears to be a franchise as there are multiple locations Link. Here are the Facebook pages of Albert owner , Matt owner. Albert changed his profile picture to a picture of Jon Taffer next to Shrek, so he obviously isn't a fan of Jon. Sandbar Grill is having a watch party for the episode and are advertising it with the hashtag UnTaffered. Albert posted a comment on Facebook that said, " Show is a scam but karaoke has been going on for years.

They didn't touch the bathrooms but that project is coming this summer.

There were also a lot of customer complaints on social media during the makeover. On an Eater article right after the makeover, owner Matt was quoted saying, " We're going to change some of the nights, introduce specialty food nights, get rid of some of the cheap gimmicks. Albert was sued in by an employee for failing to pay overtime rates over 40 hours a week. Link to lawsuit. I tried to figure out how Albert did in his fantasy leagues, but got no response.

The owners and customers didn't seem happy with the makeover and have been outspoken about the Bar Rescue changes. The bar has also brought back a lot of their old decorations that Jon Taffer removed, installed a new sign, and has plans to renovate the bathrooms in the summer. Sandbar has kept some of the changes and still serves the Bar Rescue cocktails and a menu item with the hot rock. The reviews of Sandbar Grill since the Bar Rescue makeover are mixed, with people complaining about the Bar Rescue changes, and the filthy bathrooms.

The positive reviews are mostly people who say they have always loved the bar.

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It seems like the reviews were not too bad before the makeover and people commented how the place was always packed, so who knows if it was actually in need of a rescue. They seem to have money available for a new sign and planned bathroom renovations in the summer. Perhaps they were hoping for a free makeover and it didn't go exactly as they wanted. Friar Tuck's is a castle-shaped bar, and the owner Ivan has anger management issues that has pushed his staff to their breaking point.

Two pool tables and plenty of monitors with sports make this place a local winner.

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Best of luck to you guys. Food looked good and next time I will plan to eat there. Staff was friendly along with the small crowd I really liked the decor Good job!!!! Different crowd.

Better beer selection. Would be better with more craft beers on tap. Didnt try the food got here after Cool band playing tonight Stoked for the future of this place! Inside is really cool looking now. No more mismatched broken tile. Seams like a new crowd in here.

New faces, they must be drawing in lot's of new people They also have a awesome DJ that plays everything and well!